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Atlas Air Brace - Nightshift Black - Medium **BRAND NEW**

$299.99 $160.00
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Brand New.

Ultra flexible polymer construction
Split-flex frame to promote mobility
Sits around the spine and sternum
300mm of chest suspension
27% more body contact vs competition
Easy Open release system *Updated for 2017
2 height adjustment options
Smart mounts - 6 possible adjustments
Hybrid strap - comfort + versatility
Weightless 590g (1.3 lbs) minimalist design
3 sizes available
In the box: Air brace, tall shoulder pads, hybrid strap, quickstart guide, tape measure
Split Flex Frame: Vertical flex is the Holy Grail of mobility and comfort. Split frame helps mimic natural body movements to create the best experience
Easy Open: Easy Open system allows for quick, repeatable entry and exit with a simple push of a button, in any weather condition.
Smart Mounts: One mount, 6 positions. Reversible to adjust size, and choose from a -10 , 0, or +10 back support angle in either position
Chest Suspension: Long travel front suspension features 300mm of travel and is slightly stiffer to help dampen a wider range of impact forces
Height Adjustment: Choose from 2 possible height adjustments to create the best fit for your body type and helmet choice
Spine Free: Back supports increase contact with the body by 8% over the previous model, and avoid your spine by sitting on the surrounding muscles.
Sternum Free: Chest support design is stronger, lighter, more compatible with chest protectors, and still sits around your sternum
Hybrid Strap: Combining the comfort of a chest strap, with the function and versatility of elastic X straps. The best of both worlds
Feather Weight: 20% lower than the previous model. You wont even know youre wearing.
Surface Area: Sits on 27% more of the body than the competition, comfort is maximized, and forces are distributed more efficiently over the body

There is no warranty attached to this item. No returns.