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Bikemaster Lithium Ion Battery Charger / Maintainer - MPN #TS0207A **BRAND NEW**

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Brand New / Clearance Item 

The perfect companion to keep your BikeMaster Lithium-Ion batteries fully charged. Manufactured with over 11 feet of reach, the BikeMaster Lithium-Ion Battery Charger/Maintainer is fully automatic with built-in circuit protection to keep from overcharging, short circuiting or reversing polarity. It features easy-to-read LED lights that indicate when power is on, charge in process, reverse polarity and fully charged. The charger/maintainer comes with a five-year warranty.

Input: AC 120-Volts, 60Hz Output: DC 12-Volts, 2-Amps
SAE quick disconnect with large alligator style clips and ring terminals for charger hook up
High-quality, shock-resistant ABS construction

There is no warranty attached to this item. No returns.