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Galfer Complete Brake Line Kit - Stainless Steel - Rear - Fits 1990-1995 Yamaha YZ125 & YZ250 #FK003D83R **BRAND NEW**

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Brand New / Clearance Item

64 braided strands of steel around the line, making the line have zero expansion at any time - better than any other braided line
Requires less pressure at the lever, allowing the rider to use less force while stopping the bike faster and with better feel
Fittings come from the factory pre-positioned but can swivel 180° if necessary to make the installation process easier
Includes a clear outer coating which protects the bike from scratches and the lines from humidity
Complete with all necessary banjo bolts and washers
Ready to install

1990-1995 Yamaha YZ 250, Back: 1990-1995
1990-1995 Yamaha YZ 125, Back: 1990-1995

There is no warranty attached to this item. No returns.