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Saddlemen Destination Pack Bag - Large

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Saddlemen's solution to storage and security in one bag
Portable weather- and theft-resistant bag securely stores valuables within a Steel Cage™
Steel Cage consists of steel wire mesh sandwiched between a scratch-free, soft inner liner and a tough water-resistant nylon outer bag to provide vault-like protection
Velvet smooth inner liner protects your cargo’s finish
A 6' long flexible stainless steel cable with a keyed padlock prevents unauthorized access to the bag and secures the bag to the bike or other permanent structure
Cable doubles as a motorcycle security cable - prevents theft of bag or bike
Easily holds a combination of most jackets, helmets, gloves and other gear, keeping them out of view and protecting them from thieves and the elements
Folds into a small bag (included) that attaches to any motorcycle or can be worn as a pack - a portable trunk for your motorcycle
Unfolds at destination and is easily and quickly secured
Destination pack (large): 12" diameter opening x 40" long - 76 liter capacity
Storage bag measures 9-3/4" L x 41/2" W x 51/2" H
Lock not included.

There is no warranty attached to this item. No returns.