About Us

Welcome to our site!

We would like to tell you a little bit more about ourselves and how we came to be.

Our founders Matt and Chad have been friends since high school (this is where the M and C in our name come from). They both grew up loving fast cars and bikes. They could never leave their rides stock. They were always looking for ways to customize and personalize it to make it better.

Over the years the worked together in the automotive industry. They even sold cars and other items on eBay back when it was just taking off.

This eventually led them to start MC Powersports in January of 2011. The idea was simple, offer cool and interesting items to the powersports community at great prices. Then back that up with customer service that would treat customers the way they would want to be treated.

Since starting as a 2 man shop, we have grown much over the years thanks to our loyal customers. This has made it possible to offer more products as we continue to grow. 

Our goal is to have what you need or try and get it for you at a price that is fair.

If you ever have a question or issue we would like to know so we can help sort it out.