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Arai XGR Spoiler

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  • Replacement rear spoiler for ARAI Contour-X helmets
  • Aerodynamic rear spoiler with one piece exhaust function
  • The one-piece aerodynamic rear exhaust/spoiler, operated by a 3-way switch, is inspired by the DF-X2 of the Corsair-X, but redesigned for touring use
  • Sits a little more forward on the shell and is fed by 3 ports
  • Efficiently draws air but also smooths airflow over (and from the side) of the helmet, improving stability and reducing buffeting, especially while overtaking at highway speeds resulting in less rider fatigue
  • Manufactured as thin and light as possible, it's designed to crush or break away upon impact, therefore having no influence on protective performance
ARAI’S 5-YEAR WARRANTY All Arai helmets are warranted against defects in material and workmanship, and as serviceable only for the properly fitted first user for 5 years after purchase, but no more than 7 years from the date of manufacture.