2027 MotoGP. Notable Changes For The New Bikes.

2027 MotoGP. Notable Changes For The New Bikes.

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May 7th 2024

Racing For The Future! The new machines will be more road relevant and more efficient, powering global sustainability, and are designed to create even better racing and even more overtaking.

Notable Changes:

  • Engine size will be reduced from 1000cc to 850cc.
  • The maximum cylinder bore will be reduced from 81mm to 75mm.
  • The maximum number of engines for each rider in a season will be reduced from 7 to 6.
  • Fuel tank capacity will be reduced from 22 liters to 20 liters for a race and from 12 liters to 11 liters for a sprint.
  • 100% Sustainable Fuel (currently 40% minimum).
  • Front fairing Areo top width will be reduced from 600mm to 550mm.
  • Front fairing will be pushed back 50mm.
  • Only allowed 1 update per season for the rear seat fairing.
  • All ride-height and hole-shot devices will be banned.
  • GPS data from all riders will be available to all teams after the session.