Brite-Lites Flasher LED Controller


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  • Compact In-line LED light flasher unit will condition the 12 volt output line on any string of LED lights and add a flash mode that increases the visibility of your vehicle
  • The flash rate is a F-F-F-pause, F-F-F-pause, so the rapid 3 flash and pause is what is typically used on utility and emergency vehicles. Line can hold up to 50 LED lights and is super compact, only 1" module with the 2 input and 2 output wires. Typically the flasher would be installed on the 12 volt line after the switch and then grounded
  • All lights in the line must be LEDs or damage to the controller will occur
  • Waterproof casing can be mounted at first light or next to the line control switch
  • Working voltage is 9 - 16 volts
  • Sold per each flasher module
This item has a 30-Day warranty.