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Gears Canada Gen X-4 Heated Leg Chaps

$104.95 $82.93
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  • Uses a lightweight and wind-blocking fabric for maximum comfort and a form-fitted feel
  • Thermal insulation
  • Wear it over a thermal and under your riding gear for maximum warmth
  • Elastic/hook-and-loop strap retention
  • Designed to fit comfortably under regular riding pants
  • Heated zones cover the full front, side of the leg, and lower stomach
  • Built-in coax connectors at bottom of legs for easy connection of Gen X-4 Heated Socks (Heated Socks not included)
  • Provides 46W of heat and draw 3.4A
  • Plugs directly into GEN X-3 heated jacket liner or vest; for independent use with temperature control, purchase coax plug battery cord (PART #2130-0072) and single output temperature controller (PART #2130-0070), sold separately
  • Integrated sock warmer plug come stowed in its own zippered pockets when not in use
  • Works with a 12V battery providing 46 Watts of heat and draw 3.4 amps of current
  • Size is measurement in inches from inseam to anklebone; should be slightly shorter than pants size.
  • Always wear the leg chaps over a thermal garment or pants; use of temperature controller is highly recommended
This item has a 30-Day warranty.

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