HJC RPHA 12 Solid, Matte And Semi-Flat Full-Face Helmet

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• D.O.T. Approved

• Premium Integrated Matrix / P.I.M. EVO: Reinforced materials with Carbon-Aramid

Hybrid and Natural Fiber, provides enhanced Shock-Resistant performance,

light weight and more comfort.

• Aerodynamic design shell reduces air resistance & provides stability at high speed.

• Wind-tunnel tested

• Refine freshness: 4 intakes and 3 Exhausts

• Top Vent Holes: Drag Forces reduced by air passing through

• Pinlock Ready HJ-42 Visor: Provides 99% UV protection,

Anti-Scratch Coated

• Two Way Pivot Ratchet: smooth ratchet movement & improved sealing

• Push Release Visor Lock more secure and convenient

• Distortion Free Visor ( Shield)

• Moisture wicking and dry/ Antibacterial fabric

• 3D contour cheek pads for comfort

• Crown and cheek pads: Removable and washable

• Cheek Pads: Interchangeable throughout all sizes

• Chinstrap: Double D-ring

• Glasses Grooves: accomodates riders with eyewear

• Included Parts: Pinlock, Chin Curtain (installed), Breath Deflector,

Dark Smoke Visor

WARRANTY HJC hereby extends a limited warranty to the purchaser of HJC helmets that the helmet is free of defects in materials and workmanship. COVERAGE This warranty is applicable to manufacturer’s defects only and the warranty period varies between HJC models. The RPHA Series warrants up to 5 years from the date of purchase or 7 years from the date of manufacture, while all other models warrant up to 3 years from the date of purchase or 5 years from the date of manufacture (whichever comes first). This warranty does not apply to any problems that arise from wearer’s misuse, negligence, modifications, accidents, etc. A change of fluorescent color is not subject to warranty as this is a typical characteristic of fluorescent color; it may fade or degrade depending on the user’s environment. All face shields warrant up to a year from the date of purchase. This warranty doesn’t apply to any problems that arise from user’s misuse, negligence, modifications, accidents etc.