Klock Werks Convert Garmin Mount to iOmounts

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• Convert your Garmin mount to iOmounts®

• Convert your existing Garmin bike mount to iOmounts and use your smartphone for training

• Swap your Garmin to your smartphone to use with Strava, MTB Project or other great navigation and training apps

• The Garmin bike mount has a variety of applications available to it with our iOmount convert

• If you are using a Garmin edge mount, our convert allows you to switch out your GPS for your cell phone in the blink of an eye

• If you already have a Garmin GoPro mount, use our iOmount convert to interchange your phone and GoPro seamlessly

• Indoor version uses our regular magnets and are not as strong as the Outdoor version that uses our nomad™ magnets

This item has 30-Day warranty.