Kriega Ducati Panigale 899/1199 US-Drypack Fit Kit

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Ducati 899 /1199 specific fitting hardware for US-DRYPACKS.

Experience hassle-free and versatile luggage options for your Ducati Panigale 899/1199 with the US-Drypack Fit Kit. This kit enables the easy fitting of any size or combination of Kriega US-Drypacks, ranging from 5 to 90 liters, ensuring you have the right storage for your motorcycle adventures. Travel with confidence knowing you can adapt your luggage to suit your needs with this convenient fit kit.
Remove seats and bodywork to access the Ducati rear seat strap nuts.
Fit the 2 front loops to the seat strap bolts using the existing Ducati washers and nuts (M6).
Fit the 2 rear loops with the black washers using the Ducati bodywork Allen head bolts (M5).
Replace the bodywork and seats with the 4 x loops in position.
  • 4 x Stainless washers encapsulated in Hypalon, with nylon web loop
  • 2 x Black stainless washers
This item has 30-Day warranty.