Kriega Fork Seal Covers

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Increase service life for your USD forks with more effective protection from mud & dirt.

Kriega Fork Seals are incredibly easy to install without the need for fork disassembly, thanks to the hook and loop fabric. Neoprene fork seals perform best when they are clean and fresh. Unlike traditional fork protectors, our design allows for easy cleaning after each ride if necessary. While they can be fitted without cable ties, using cable ties to protect the Neoskin from the fork slider will extend their service life.

Please note that full-wrap fork sliders, as seen on post-2008 KTMs and Husabergs, have a close tolerance with the plastic dust-cover rings at the fork's end. This can lead to quick wear of any neoprene cover. To address this issue, you can either use 2007 style KTM fork sliders or remove the black plastic rings at the fork's end and use cable ties during installation. The neoprene may wear through in a non-critical area, which won't affect the Fork Seal's performance but may appear less tidy. Regardless of the solution, using neoprene fork covers significantly extends your fork's service interval.

  • Easy fit - hook and loop design
  • Easy clean - every ride
  • No fork disassembly required
  • Use with or without cable ties
  • USD fitment only
  • Black with silver logo
  • Universal fit
  • NEOSKIN: coated neoprene
  • Reflective print
This item has 30-Day warranty.