Kriega HydraPak Shape-Shift Reservoir - 3.75-Litre

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The 0.4mm Thermo Polyurethane ‘Military Grade’ reservoir is twice as thick as standard consumer models and comes with a reinforced slider and Hydrofusion™ insulated big-bore tube with High Flow Blaster™ self-sealing bite valve. Compatible with the TRAIL 18, TRAIL 9. The Shape- Shift™ feature allows the bladder’s volume to be adjusted for greater stability and lower profile.

  • Wide Slide Seal™ for easy fill
  • Reverse to clean / dry
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes tube management for harness
  • 3.75-litre (126 fl oz) capacity
  • Reversible for easy clean/dry
  • Wide fill (sliding seal)
  • Plug-N-Play (dry-break)
  • Insulated drink-tube
  • Hook and loop tab - drink tube management
  • FDA approved polyurethane
This item has 30-Day warranty.