Kriega R25 Backpack

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The ‘go to’ pack for the daily commuter and the weekend explorer the R25 is a solid performer that’s built to last. The versatile large load area gives the flexibility to carry anything from a laptop to the weekly groceries and all in total riding comfort with the full size Quadloc harness

The Quadloc™ Harness

For the R25 Backpack: Experience unparalleled comfort during your long rides with the Quadloc™ harness system. This innovative design effectively shifts the weight from your shoulders to your chest and body, ensuring you can enjoy all-day riding without discomfort, even when carrying heavy loads. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to an exceptional riding experience with the R25 Backpack.

Alloy Adjusters

Kriega's harness proudly features their exclusive alloy adjusters, a true innovation in backpack design. These ingenious adjusters enable swift and precise tuning of the waist tension, effectively eliminating the hassle of loose strap ends. The outcome is a sleek and tidy harness design that not only serves a functional purpose but also adds an element of aesthetic appeal to your backpack.

Reflective Panels

Ample reflective panels adorn both the front and rear of the backpack, greatly elevating visibility levels and providing an additional safety layer for nighttime riding. These strategically placed panels guarantee that riders become more conspicuous to others in low-light scenarios, contributing to a safer and more secure ride.

Inner Sleeve Pocket

The inner sleeve pocket is motorcycle rider-friendly, designed to seamlessly accommodate a hydration reservoir and/or a back protector for added convenience and safety on the road.
This item has 30-Day warranty.