Maxima Racing Oil Fuel Enhancer - 5 U.S. Gal. - Pail

Maxima Lubricants

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  • Fuel performance enhancer designed to prevent and cure all problems caused by ethanol due to ethanol’s corrosivity and high affinity for water
  • Fuel Enhancer prevents water and ethanol from reaching critical components and can help prevent corrosion where water has previously been introduced
  • The advanced formulation conditions and stabilizes fuel against oxidation and extends fuel life
  • The world class additive system prevents varnish, deposits and gum and can help clean up a fuel system that already contains these unwanted contaminants
  • For use in all 2 and 4 stroke engines
  • 1 oz. treats up to 5 gallons of fuel
NOTE: This part requires additional parts in order to function properly:
5 Gallon Pail Pump
This item has a 1-Year warranty.

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