Ohlins TTX2Air Shock - Tazer MX

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• TTX highly adjustable compression valve technology

• Race-proven setting bank

• Double-can design with larger air volume in both positive and negative chamber

• Adjustable High-Speed Compression (HSC), Low-Speed Compression (LSC) and Rebound damping

• Five compression and six rebound click settings to choose from to suit any type of linkage design

• Climb mode

• Air spring volume spacers included as standard in the shock kit

• Maximum air pressure up to 325 psi

• 451g

Depending on which segment, we offer up to 5-year limited warranty regarding the product's correct function. Racing products are excluded. In case of technical failures we will repair or exchange the product free of charge. Just as the oil in an engine needs to be replaced, the oil in a damper should be changed because as with the engine oil it deals with extreme pressure, temperatures and friction.