Shoei J-Cruise II CJ-2 Pinlock® Shield - Clear


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A Pinlock® lens ensures a fog-free riding experience through two fundamental principles: its moisture-absorbing surface effectively captures and holds water molecules, while its airtight seal forms a thermal barrier to prevent visor condensation. Securely fitted between two adjustable pins, this system positions Pinlock® as the premier anti-fog solution for helmet wearers. Specially designed to complement CJ-2 Pinlock® Ready shields, the lens boosts visibility and safety across diverse environmental conditions.

**FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY** Your SHOEI helmet is covered under warranty for five years from the purchase date, or seven years from the date of manufacture (whichever comes first). The warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Please note that damage caused by the consumer (i.e. dropping the helmet, etc.) is not covered under warranty.