Shoei Top Air Outlet Vent Replacement For RF-1400 Helmet


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Upgrade or personalize your SHOEI RF-1400 helmet with the RF-1400 Top Air Outlet set. Designed to replace or customize the top air outlet, this kit enhances ventilation efficiency. The unique spoiler-shaped cover works with the airstream to create negative pressure, effectively forcing stale air out through the concealed vents beneath. The set includes one cover, one base plate, and self-adhesive foil for secure attachment, ensuring seamless integration. 

**FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY** Your SHOEI helmet is covered under warranty for five years from the purchase date, or seven years from the date of manufacture (whichever comes first). The warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Please note that damage caused by the consumer (i.e. dropping the helmet, etc.) is not covered under warranty.