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Tecmate 12V Battery Eyelet Connector w/ Dual Size Ring 5/16” - 3/8”

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  • Vehicle Charge system : LED arrow mode activates when charge voltage reaches minimum 13.5V (v green LED) or ideal range of 14V+ (vv green LED)
  • 4 LEDs cover full to empty voltage range of all 12V batteries, including higher voltage AGM for power sport (4th vv LED = 12.7V )
  • Monitor charge of stored power sport vehicle 12V lead-acid battery or confirm if the vehicle charging system is working correctly
  • 2 automatic Modes Battery charge level monitor (single LED blink mode) & Charging system test (arrow mode)
  • Battery charge level : LED matching charge level blinks every 3 seconds (long term draw less than 0.2mA)
  • 5A fuse with 5/16" / M8 ringlets
This item has a 30-Day warranty.

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