Thule Child Yepp Maxi 2 Bicycle Seat


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• Rear-mounted child bike seat

• Made for comfortable, easy commutes and everyday rides with great functionality

• Soft and shock-absorbing foam seat lets your child travel in comfort

• Adjustable foot rests and foot straps ensure a perfect fit as your child grows

• Universal rack mount system for quick and easy mounting of the child bike seat on your bike

• Built-in reflector and safety light attachment point for increased visibility

• Childproof safety buckle secures your child quickly and easily

• Adjustable padded five-point safety harness for a safe, custom fit and maximum child comfort

• Water-repellent materials make the seat easy to clean and keep dry

• Includes a high quality metal lock that secures the child bike seat to your bike

• Designed and tested for children from nine months to six years old (up to 48.5 lbs./22 kg and a max height of approx. 3’ 6”/110cm); consult a pediatrician for children under one year old

• This iconic child bike seat has been carefully updated to honor the heritage of the classic design while adding a modern design language for new generations

• Weight is approx. 7.71 lbs./3.5 kg

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