Kriega Ducati XDiavel US-Drypack Fit Kit


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Ducati XDiavel specific fitting hardware for US-Drypacks. High quality Hypalon / nylon webbing loops, easy to fit under the seat using the existing mounting locations. Once fitted, they provide strong hook-on points for any Kriega US-Drypack or US-Drypack Combo.


Enhance your Ducati XDiavel for effortless luggage attachment with this kit. Crafted from durable materials, these loops easily fit under the seat using existing mounts. Once in place, you'll have secure hook-on points for your Kriega US-Drypack or US-Drypack Combo, making your gear easy to carry.

Slide an M5 washer inside each Hypalon loop.  
Insert the remaining M5 washers onto each M5 bolt.
Fix to the bike.

  • 4 x Hypalon / webbing loops - 95mm - 5mm hole
  • 4 x M5 allen head bolts
  • 8 x M5 washers

The kit works with and without passenger seat backrest.

This item has 30-Day warranty.